webinar 12.6.14 Bolesworth International CSI*** World Class Show Jumping, Chester, UK. Polly Stockton riding Direct Beechfield during the Bolesworth Castle Eventers Challenge.

Where did the week go! Re wind the clock 7 days and head back to Sunday 24 Jan at Wolverhampton Race Course for British Eventing Organisers Workshop.

A very early start for a Sunday morning but an interesting one. I was part of a panel of three ‘marketing experts’ consisting of;

The ever efficient Sandy Thwaites of Wiltshire based Sporting Horse Promotions a lady with years of PR experience in a broad spectrum of equestrian sport.

Blacktype Digital’s Christina Jones – recently rated as the 7th most influential person on social media by the UK Digital Agency.

And then me! brining up the rear with my steadfast knowledge of all things sporting.

Our aim was to look at today’s challenges and the marketing threats as well as opportunities facing the sport of eventing. Although looking at the bigger picture the topics discussed could relate to any equestrian discipline and event organiser.

The main challenges we looked at were;

How to secure the next generation of supporters
Competition for leisure £
How to make the sport easier to understand and follow
Demonstrating value for money to competitors
Attracting new sponsors
Retaining existing sponsors and demonstrating ROI
Elitist perceptions of the sport
Social Media Positives & Negatives
how to make it work for you
how to handle potential damaging comments, serious incidents, safeguarding photo copyright

Interestingly out of the event organisers attending an estimated 80% were not working to a marketing plan and 100% wanted to lean how to make more of social media and new digital marketing opportunities.

All three of us were amazed at these figures and expressed the importance to event organisers – both at home and abroad – whether large or small – the importance of having a structured plan in place.

In particular the importance of social media performance of all sports and especially equestrian over the coming months in the lead up to Rio is crucial to their continued Olympic status in future years.

40 minutes just wasn’t enough time to relay so many of the important factors concerning top marketing tips for event organisers, so we decided to run a Webinar to consider;

How do we attract more sponsorship?
As organisers, can we and are we best suited to handle our own social media?
How do we minimise the damage of any negative incidents which may occur at the event?
How can we make the best use of limited marketing resources?
If we only have very limited promotions budgets, what should the top spend priorities be?

Join us on Tuesday 10th February at 8pm GMT Duration; 60 min
Register for free http://www.blacktypedigital.com/eventing-webinar