Somerford Park International Horse Trials in Cheshire, 19th – 21st August for top sporting action and watch many of the equestrian athletes from this summers’s Rio Olympics, including Britain’s Gemma Tattersall, New Zealand’s Mark Todd, Jonelle and Tim Price, as well as China’s Alex Hua Tian.

gin tastingWhile enjoying all the sporting action take time out to participate in our ‘gin’ tasting sessions.

Following a vodka domination of the 1990’s its the turn of Gin to take to the podium.

The revival of the cocktail in London and New York has played a huge part in placing gin back in the limelight and in particular London is leading the revival with ‘gin bars’ and ‘gin tasting’ popping up all over the cities of Great Britain.

The UK’s Gin distillers have been experimenting with the juniper flavoured spirit over the last decade and have turned many bars throughout the country into modern day gin palaces.

No longer seen as the drink for mum or auntie – now with so many variations it is appealing to a new and younger audience.

Be part of this new trend a great ‘taster’ opportunity in the heart of Cheshire, from just £10 collect your glass and join our Gin Tasting – Saturday or Sunday at Somerford Park International Horse Trials (19th – 21st August) Congleton in association with The Drunken Pug. For more details check online
Gin Facts – did you know?

1 The taste of gin varies so much because different distillers use different recipes – although the main botanical must be juniper berries distillers may add a variety of ingredients including citrus, nuts, spices or fruits.

2 How does Gin get its flavour? London Gin can gets its flavour through the distillation process while other gins may add flavour to the distilled spirit or infuse botanicals into the spirit by distilling them together.

3 Did you know that few gin distillers make their own alcohol? Bought in bulk as a neutral spirit – it’s the magical process of the flavour infusion that makes each gin different.

4 Its well know that the gin industry uses vast amounts of juniper berries – but did you know that the berries are still picked wild?

5 The Legend of gin and tonic – tonic was first introduced to battle malaria as it contained quinine but as it was so bitter the only way to make it palatable was to mix it with gin!

6 Gin & Tonic did you know that most modern tonic waters contain very little or no quinine – taking too much of the original stuff caused a condition called ‘cinchonism’ symptoms included deafness, nausea & vertigo! Or that was possibly down to drinking too much GIN….Gin TAs