Equestrian journalist Pippa Cuckson, has been a long term campaigner for the cruelty and flagrant FEI rule breaking within international endurance racing, in particular by the UAE.

Sadly the continued suffering of horses competing under the UAE flag in FEI designated international endurance races is destined to continue.

As more incriminating posts are uploaded via their own livestream it would appear that the UAE are oblivious to their miss treatment and appalling lack of animal welfare, and ignorant of the controversy they cause. Once aware that these posts are deemed as cruel, sensational and contravening rules and guidelines they are hastily removed.

Pippa recently highlighted a new channel that has been set up by members of the informal “clean endurance” community, to act as an archive of video clips showing chronic rule breaking at endurance in the UAE and elsewhere in Group 7, as and when it comes to attention.

I’m afraid – hand on heart – I can’t bring myself to watch it but if you are braver than me here is the link, watch if you can!


Surely we must ask the question – where does the FEI stand on this?

With riders across other equestrian disciplines being disqualified from events for ‘lesser’ crimes than are being continuously witnessed in endurance – how can the FEI justify their rules and policy towards basic animal welfare to the equestrian world at large?

Is it one rule for endurance and another for all other disciplines? That hardly seems fair.