Media in general has moved and evolved at a rapid pace over the last couple of decades, broadcast has changed along with print media which has increasingly affected equestrian sport with the demise of television coverage and printed column inches.

Its often rare for the nationals to send a dedicated sports journalist to cover Rugby, cricket and sometimes even football – so what chance does showjumping, dressage or eventing have?

Event media centres also need to evolve and move with the times and have to embrace online and social coverage of events, and that includes bloggs and vloggs.

However don’t think that gaining accreditation is a right of passage, like any member of the media bloggs/vloggs will be required to produce data showing their readership, following plus overall reach and engagement to prove their media value to an event before the Press Officer will consider accrediting them. The bloggers also have to understand that rules apply in exactly the same way as any other form of media applying for accreditation and that they do not have a free reign, particularly if they want to return as accredited media to the same event the following year!

From a press officer’s perspective the bloggers are treading a very fine line baring in mind that many are not trained or experienced journalist – so have no idea there are certain journalistic rules/guidelines to abide by and are expected to conduct themselves accordingly. Step over that threshold and word soon gets around and it certainly wouldn’t be the first time a member of the media has been asked to leave an event.

If an event has broadcast rights then any filming of competition or subject matter which falls within those broadcast rights is not permitted. Although it is worth discussing with the press officer – they may accept use of short video edits.

The majority of events would be nervous of allowing any vlogger to live stream from social media any sporting action as it can be unpredictable and therefore unsafe and would always advice to seek permission from the press officer. It may also infringe on any live streaming the event is offering so again check with the Press Officer. Its less of an issue to live stream an interview or presentation, again if done in a professional manner, and the individual you are live streaming is aware you are doing so.

What’s the fastest way to annoy a press officer in the media centre?

Not signing in or introducing yourself to the media centre
Covering the event in manner that isn’t appropriate
Filming without permission
Unprofessional photography
Badly written or presented story – and DON’T sensationalise any unfortunate incident!
Don’t bring friends, family, pets and your children into a Media Centre – remember this is a working environment and is inconsiderate to other working members of the media. Its also not a free drinks and food area for all of the above!!
Be tidy and respect others work space
What’s the fastest way to impress a press officer in the media centre?
Being friendly and polite – however that is a two way street!
Abiding by the guidelines set out by the Press Officer
Promoting the event in a professional and well balanced manner
Not over staying your welcome – even Media Centres want shut up house and go home!
Do’s and Don’ts
Remember to work with the event Press Officer, so much easier than antagonising them from the word go!
Its essential that all vloggers/bloggers who are to taking photos or videos have public liability insurance
Good manners and be friendly
Abiding by the guidelines set out by the Press Officer and if in any doubt then ask.
Remember that you have been accredited because you are there to promote the event
Unfortunately due to the nature of these events there can be negative stories and returning the rule of journalism – certain incidents have to be reported but remember to do so in a well balanced manner – nobody particularly the Press Officer is impressed by gossip and sensationalising a story at their event!
Do inform the Press Officer of the coverage and reach you have gained for the event – this will always help you with your accreditation for the following year
Don’t film, video anything without checking and ensuring you are permitted to do so.
If you are not an accredited photographer then you don’t have the same access to arenas or cross country courses that they do.
Don’t get in the way or obstruct the shot of accredited photographers!