These days it’s not just about writing press releases – it’s much more about creating a good news story that will generate an interest among editors, journalists and bloggers, within the print, online, broadcast and social media forums.

The aim, with regular input from the client, is to create interesting and targeted campaigns;

– Write news themed stories that will generate an interest to editors for special features, product reviews and news pages.

– Create and build your audience through print, broadcast, online and social media.

– Regularly brief the target audience and keep them up to date with current news and results.



Got something to shout about? Lets spread the word for you!

 Social media is the modern tool added to the marketing family of the modern age.

 A carefully planned campaign will target a specific audience.


Protecting a clients’ image is equally important as building their profile.

At times a situation or story can arise that needs to be handled in an assertive and professional manner.

Should a crisis or ‘bad’ news story occur it is important to respond quickly and effectively, and that print, broadcast as well as social media is managed well.





When running and organising a Media Centre it is important to remember that it is in place to promote the event and in doing so be helpful and to assist all areas of the media.

A journalists role involves the physical demands of reporting and long hours so it is important to make every effort to ensure they are catered for; they have access to food and drink, that their physical working environment is conducive to compiling and filing their stories, and that the media centre staff are always on hand to assist in a friendly and helpful manner.

The essentials of a good ‘Press Officer’? stamina, curiosity, a helpful nature, good memory, civility, coolness under pressure, an ability to predict and handle logistical details. To have the ability to handle the unpredictable and to manage many tasks simultaneously, deal with constant interruptions, and be quick to react.




– Serving as the clients spokesperson

– Managing the daily activities of the media centre

– Planning and managing media campaigns to put out a consistent long-term message

– Handling media inquiries

– Setting up interviews and briefings for the media

– Keeping the client informed of press relations and responses

– Staging events such as news related conferences

– Preparing news releases, fact sheets, and other materials

– Serving as a media liaison on behalf of the client

– Managing and arranging media accreditation

– Monitoring and evaluating an event

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